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When Christina channels, she is amazing! The information that comes through her is right on! It’s not only accurate, but it really touches your heart. She channeled my grandfather, whom I was very close to as a child. I felt blessed to know he was around me at this uncertain time in my life. And blessed to hear him say I was on the right path. I’ve seen Christina channel in a group setting. People tear up as they hear very detailed information about their loved ones, deceased or not. It’s touching to watch, and a blessing to receive. ~ D.M., TX, USA

All I can say is Christina is The REAL DEAL. She has been blessed with a very special gift that she uses lovingly and selflessly for the good of others. I was so elated to get my messages from departed loved ones – messages so personal and fact-specific – it could have only come from those departed loved ones. She greeted them by name and her detail was so exact it gave me chills – I know she was communicating with my deceased loved ones! I truly feel enlightened, at peace, and a sincere inner happiness knowing our loved ones are still with us, watching over us. God Bless you Christina – Thank you for changing my life forever my Sister! ~ Tara Johnson, TX, USA

I lost my nephew and was very saddened by it. I went some days without eating or sleeping just crying. Then my sister-in-law recommended Christina. She really helped me get through my pain. She let me know that he is in a happy place and that I should be happy for him. I know he will always be with us. Her details on my nephew were personal and accurate. Christina’s gift is truly amazing! ~ Susie, TX, USA

Christina has been blessed with an amazing gift that only a handful of us in this world must have. I say this because I have never, in my lifetime, witnessed anything so extraordinary. She tells me things about my life that I don’t even know about. Then it actually happens! It all comes to her effortlessly. I can’t ever keep it to myself. I find myself calling friends to explain my entire conversation with her after we speak. I’m constantly saying to myself, ‘how could she have known that??’. I’m always perplexed when she tells me about people in my circle- people who are a part of my life; yet she’s never met them. She’s right on point about their character and more! Before our talks, I must admit I thought differently about all of this. But now, I am most definitely a believer. 

Christina’s gift is real. ~ Ericka Dotson, Co-Founder, Indique Hair.

Christina! Thank you for helping me at your circle Tuesday night. I’ve created affirmations based on your insight from my long-lost feelings from childhood. The work you do is powerful! Amazing how quickly you were able to find that most important negative experience that I can now release. I would recommend you to anyone who feels like they want to achieve more and doesn’t know why it isn’t happening. Whether you’re a super achiever or specifically looking for healing, Christina can be your secret weapon! ~Lisa Rosaves, TX, USA

Christina’s coaching has been absolutely life-transforming for me! I have learned and grown so much through our sessions which have helped me to focus my energy personally and professionally to reach absolute breakthroughs in every aspect of my life! She has taught me how to harness the ability of manifestation, creation, prosperity, goal setting, intention setting, and finally resulting in acquiring everything that I have ever wanted! She is 100% amazing and I 1000% recommend her to everybody looking for both a coach and especially a clairvoyant coach! ~ Cynthia Tevis, CFO, Founder/Producer of the Texas Music Cruise

I have known Christina Carlin for several years now and have experienced her intuitive gifts both personally and professionally. She is one of those rare gems who is able to give astute intuitive guidance with authentic, warm and loving vibrancy. She has given me wonderful insight and guidance when I have faced challenges and experienced blocks. From a professional standpoint, I have enjoyed collaborating with her since she is very fond of using her creative skills in a team setting. I am very particular about whom I collaborate with and whom I suggest to my clients and I would never hesitate in recommending her. Christina will definitely enhance your life’s journey!” ~Kathleen Grandfield, Cosmic Charisma-Sacred Essences ~Ave Alegre Studios, USA

Christina has been great at giving me insight into things that I should expect to occur in my life. She has given me closure about certain matters in my life that I had trouble closing. She is an amazing life coach and life changer. She gives you her undivided attention with no interruptions. Her spiritual gift is incredible and unmatched. ~ Skye Ward, New York, NY, USA

I met with Christina to receive a Reiki session. I needed the healing and specifically wanted to activate my third eye. After Christina’s healing hands, I was anxious to try out my next days’ practice of meditation. Within seconds of beginning my meditation, I was at the level of concentration that previously had taken me 20 minutes to reach. Now I am able to access it right off. Thank you, Christina! ~ T.D., Round Rock, TX, USA

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Christina communicates with the Divine to receive direction and guidance with her work. She is committed to receiving information only from divine beings of the highest light-specifically The Illuminated Collective, Archangels and Mother Mary. She operates responsibly and with integrity at all times, ensuring that the guidance she is receiving to help others is always in the best interest and for the highest good of all. 

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