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among life’s many challenges.

What challenges do you face?
Has a loved one passed?

One of Christina’s gifts is the ability to communicate with those in spirit to relay messages they may have for you. 

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Christina communicates with the Divine to receive direction and guidance with her work. She is committed to receiving information only from divine beings of the highest light-specifically Archangels.
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Christina has single sessions and packages available for those who are looking for a single session to have her tune in to life’s challenges, or speak with a loved one who has passed, or those seeking long-term guidance on the path to healing and peace.
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Contact Christina for a quick 2 question call, or to schedule a session. Christina would love to hear from you. She is looking forward to connecting with you!
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When Christina channels, she is amazing! The information that comes through her is right on! It’s not only accurate, but it really touches your heart. She channeled my grandfather, whom I was very close to as a child. I felt blessed to know he was around me at this uncertain time in my life. And blessed to hear him say I was on the right path. I’ve seen Christina channel in a group setting. People tear up as they hear very detailed information about their loved ones, deceased or not. It’s touching to watch, and a blessing to receive. ~ D.M., TX, USA