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Some of the effects you can expect from a session with Christina

  • Attract more financial freedom and security
  • Move in the direction of your dreams
  • Free yourself from limiting behaviors
  • Transform negative energy into loving energy
  • Let go of painful emotions
  • Master your inner dialogue
  • Cultivate love and compassion

Be fully supported in your life choices.

Achieve your wildest dreams.  

Live your best life every day!  




Christina Carlin
The Spiritual Navigator

Christina Carlin

 Christina Carlin, The Spiritual Navigator™ and Clairvoyant Coach, discovered her gift of insight at a very young age. The gift has been passed down from her grandmother and her great-grandmother of Aztec Indian descent. 

Christina predicts events and sees those who have crossed over to the other side. She has honed her skills of “tuning in” and uses it to help others identify and overcome issues that need to be healed. 

Through channeling, she brings through The Illuminated - a Collective of Conscious Light Beams - for answers to deep questions. 

She believes this is her divine calling. Many who have experienced Christina’s abilities believe that what she sees has set them free.

Christina communicates with the Divine to receive direction and guidance in her work. She is committed to receiving information only from divine beings, specifically The Illuminated Collective, Archangels and Mother Mary. 

She operates responsibly and with integrity at all times, ensuring that the guidance she is receiving to help others is always in the best interest and for the highest good of all.

Services include individual sessions, couples, and relationship retreats.  Group /  Gallery Readings are also available.  

Tremendous emotional healings occur during these group sessions, as The Illuminated are always eager to communicate messages of love and forgiveness, and to remind us that they are here to assist us in our lives and support us unconditionally.

The Illuminated Collective

Our sincerest gratitude for your presence here to learn with us.  

We are The Illuminated Collective. We are here to assist at this time on the planet. To help people through a deep understanding of self-love through connection to the heart. 

With Pure Source Energy of the ascended Illuminated Collective, which has chosen to work with Christina, is here to help raise the consciousness of the planet during this time on Earth. 

Many will rise to a new energy level within themselves, through focus and meditation with a connection to their heart.

We ask for people to open their heart to self-worth by raising their frequency and aligning themselves to self-worth; to receive all that they are here to receive this lifetime. 

It is now time to use a new vibrational frequency to raise awareness and unconditional love for the planet and for all Humanity. We are now ready to assist at this time thank you for heeding our call.

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