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What challenges do you face?
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One of Christina’s gifts is the ability to communicate with those in spirit to relay messages they may have for you. 

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Christina communicates with the Divine to receive direction and guidance with her work. She is committed to receiving information only from divine beings of the highest light-specifically Archangels.
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Christina has single sessions and packages available for those who are looking for a single session to have her tune in to life’s challenges, or speak with a loved one who has passed, or those seeking long-term guidance on the path to healing and peace.
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Contact Christina for a quick 2 question call, or to schedule a session. Christina would love to hear from you. She is looking forward to connecting with you!
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I have worked with Christina for about 4 years, and in that time, she has really helped me turn around my perspective on life, and changed many negative thought patterns into positive ones. At our most recent session, she introduced a new method of her work. She has started working with energetic light beings. I was encouraged to ask the beings direct questions, through Christina. For me, they appeared like 12 brightly lit columns. And these columns stood 6 of each side of a path, and formed a light tunnel for me to pass through. The tunnel was filled with vibrant kelly greens and bright blues, and the light beings encouraged me to enter into the space. It felt very peaceful and supported. Our session was one of the most unique, positive and special sessions we have had. I left the session with an almost immediate feeling of gratitude and support, which has stayed with me. I feel more connected to my loved ones, and less stressed about daily life. Thank you Christina! I don’t know what I would do without your guidance! -Jen P, Austin
Working With The Light Beings