21 Days to the Love You Deserve Teleclass with Christina Carlin, The Clairvoyant Coach & Spiritual Navigator™


Are you Feeling STUCK when it comes to love?   Do you keep attracting the same BAD RELATIONSHIP over and over?  Are you tired of being LONELY and are Ready to experience the love you DESERVE?

It’s Time to UNBLOCK the blocks and create the loving relationship of your DREAMS!
 Spiritual Navigator™ & The Clairvoyant Coach, Christina Carlin has helped many clients & students move past stubborn blocks in their lives.
Are YOU ready to make a change for the better? 
21 Days to the Love You Deserve is a POWERFUL 3-week course that will help you get unstuck and move past any blocks you may have to love.
Scroll down to learn more about this exciting, LIFE CHANGING teleclass!

Christina Carlin, The Clairvoyant Coach, Intuitive Navigator, Psychic Medium 21 Days to the Love You Deserve

This Powerful Three-Week TeleClass includes:

  • 21 Days to the Love You Deserve–  You’ll Receive a 21 page PDF Workbook that includes quotes, action items and thought provoking material that will help you get the love you’ve always wanted in your life.
  • 3 MP3 downloads will be delivered to your email inbox weekly. These are powerful Channeled Mediations from Christina! Each audio downloads is designed a creative visualization tools to help change your conscious and subconscious programs—and your BLOCKS to LOVE — which may be getting in the way to living your life filled with the love you deserve.
  • 3 LIVE Weekly Teleclasses with Christina Carlin. Each one-hour call includes a live channeling by Christina Carlin. Plus, Christina will conduct short intuitive readings, a.k.a “speed readings” for several individuals* on the live call. *Random selection of class attendees will occur for speed readings. Speed readings for each student are not guaranteed. Many who have witnessed Christina’s extraordinary gift of insight claim to have obtained valuable life-changing information just by hearing “spirit” speak through Christina.

Offered by The Clairvoyant Coach and Spiritual Navigator™  Christina Carlin, this powerful 3-week virtual class begins Thursday, May 4th, 2017 @ 7:30pm CST. The next two teleclasses are Thursday, May 11th, 7:30pm and Thursday, May 18th 7:30pm.

Think you’ll miss a class? Replays of the recordings will be made available so you won’t miss out!

Teleclass information, PDF workbook delivery, and three powerful visualizations/meditations will all be provided by email or via our online portal. Be sure to purchase your class TODAY to reserve your spot! See below for more details.

Cost of the course is only $99! This is an introductory offer. Take advantage today and start getting the love you deserve!

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE COURSE which will begin Thursday, May 4th, 2017, 7:30pm.  Don’t worry! If you miss the weekly LIVE call, you can always listen to the recorded broadcast later!

NOTE: When you purchase the class, you WILL receive an email with call information as well as the 21-page Workbook and weekly delivery of Christina’s recorded meditations.