Summer Special and a Thank You!

Thank-YouA big ‘Thank You!” to all who attended my recent retreat: Ignite Your Soul into Passion and Creativity! I posted some fun moments on my website and wanted to express my deep gratitude for those who attended. One client shared with me “…your intuitive guidance released blocks that were sabotaging me…” and another said “…your questions pointed out to me where I was blocked so I could begin to release and let go of those past hurts…”.

If you were not able to attend and you find yourself in grief or trying to resolve an issue in your personal or business life, or if you have a burning question or two, consider treating yourself to a speacial session. Together we will work on shifting you out of old limitations and into new insights and awareness for new potentials and opportunities to come in. Please take advantage of my special summer sessions for July & August! This may be perfect for you!

Custom-Blend-VarietyOne 60 min. phone/Skype session for $99.00, or Two for $175.00 plus Cosmic Chrisma soul essence blend. Feel free to email me to sign up for your session. Happy Summer Everyone!

P.S. Stay tuned for my next Retreat in October!