Get to know Christina!

Christina Carlin The Clairvoyant Coach and Psychic Medium based in Austin, Texas

Christina Carlin, Spiritual Navigator™ and The Clairvoyant Coach, discovered her gift of insight at a very young age. Not an unnatural occurrence as her grandmother and her great-grandmother of Aztec Indian descent, Christina soon began predicting events and seeing those who had already crossed over to the other side. Since then, Christina has honed her skill of “tuning in” to “Creator of All That Is” and uses her gifts to help others identify and overcome issues that need to be healed. She believes this is her divine calling. Many who have experienced Christina’s abilities believe that what she sees has set them free.

Christina communicates with the Divine to receive direction and guidance with her work. She is committed to receiving information only from divine beings of the highest light-specifically Archangels and Mother Mary. She operates responsibly and with integrity at all times, ensuring that the guidance she is receiving to help others is always in the best interest and for the highest good of all.

Christina conducts individual sessions, couples and relationship retreats, as well as gallery readings where she brings through loved ones for audiences. Tremendous emotional healing occur during these sessions, as spirits are always eager to communicate messages of love and forgiveness, and to remind us that they remain with us and continue to share in our lives and support us unconditionally.