Coffee with Claire Featuring Christina Carlin


One of the things we rarely discuss but use every day is our intuition. Our intuition, that “sixth sense,”  is that built-in mechanism which many of us try to override with logic. This part of our psyche is often overlooked, but it is where the most creative thought processes occur.  It’s not just there to protect us, but our “gut feeling” can also inspire us.

My guest today is Christina Carlin, a spiritual navigator™ and clairvoyant coach. Her work as an intuitive healer draws upon a range of modalities from guided meditation to clairvoyant readings to channel radical transformation and abundance into the lives of her clients. Of Aztec decent, Carlin carries out a sacred tradition of spiritual guidance and intuitive practices passed down by multiple family generations. From removing emotional blocks to eliminating fear, her imaginative and collaborative approach to well being brings clarity, compassion, and divine navigation to the pursuit of happiness and success.


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