20 for 20 with Christina

In celebration of Christmas and Christina’s birthday, she is offering a unique call! The 20-minutes for $20 is to thank you this holiday season – for yourself or a loved one. Treat someone you feel is struggling emotionally. Someone who you feel guided to bless with a “speed read” for Christmas. Join me for this special call to assist in uncovering any emotional blocks around your health, career, and relationships. Together we will work on one issue that could be the catalyst for a deeper dive during an exclusive one-on-one session. It’s truly my passion and life calling. I enjoy using my gift of intuition to help people move past walls of insecurity, unresolved anger, resentment and low self-esteem. It’s my intention to support by promoting changes of release to what no longer serves you. The goal of this call is to create more of what you are wanting in life.
Reserve your call today and I will contact you to set your appointment. In order to make the most out of our allotted time, please have your one issue in mind so we can get started and focused during the call. If this is a gift, I will send you a confirmation email with the next steps. 

Appointments available now through Thursday 11/30!